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     At the 20th April Narrabri Council adopted resolution 209/2010 ; Resolved by the motion by Councillor Bates/Sevil that Council request Eastern Star Gas to form a Community Consultation Committee to foster information within the community.

    It is now August 14th 2010 and still nothing concrete has been done to develop this important link with the Community , WHY ?

     Eastern Star Gas has come up with some lame excuses , like : “the board has to approve of such a measure ” . It now appears that as of 27-7-2010 ” Eastern Star Gas is exploring the issue , due to the planed increase in their operations ”

     And still the residances of Narrabri Shire are treated with disrespect by this company.

     Santos has spoken to the people in their theater of operation , yet their partner Eastern Star Gas will not : I wonder if the Board has jokingly said  ” let them eat cake ” or words to that effect !


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