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Questions about Mollee Creek Spill Clean Up

When Eastern Star Gas cleaned up the ”LIMITED VOLUME OF WASTE WATER” which would have soaked into the DRY creek bed of MOLLEE Creek. Where did Eastern Star Gas put this earth which contains the Potassium chloride, salt, bentonite clays, food industry grade drilling polymers?
Did Eastern Star Gas store it in drums? as they did with the earth from the Diesel spill of 17-10-09, thes drums last seen on a drill site at the Dewhurst 8 complex: Where are those drums of Diesel contaminated earth now?
Did Eastern Star Gas just bury this Mollee Creek spill in an unlined hole? As all the latest REF’s say Eastern Star Gas will be doing when Eastern Star Gas decommissions the drilling ponds( source is DII Maitland Mr Summerhayes in response to the very question of ” solid material disposal accumulated in drill ponds; Jan 2010″)
So what has Eastern Star Gas done with this SPILL AND THE CONTAMINATED EARTH?
Why is Mr D Casey getting so up tight, after all is not this Drilling Fluid good for the environment?
After all Eastern Star Gas has for ages told us that we have nothing to fear from the Drilling Fluid. Well Mr D Casey time your company came clean dont you think?
Readers please ask questions of all authorities about this material remember this effects the Murray Darling Basin, Namoi River and all those who depend on her and last but not least THE GREAT ARTESIAN BASIN.
Come on DECC and DII tell us.

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