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December 2011

Santos calls into question the accuracy of an Independent Analysis of the water that they are discharging into Bohena Creek. The Study showed elevated level of Ammonia, Cardon Dioxide, Lithium, Methane, cyanide, Bromide and Boron. The Ammonia levels are 3 times safe drinking water standards.
After questioning the study results Santos shuts down entire de-watering pumps on the entire Pilliga based Wells, as well treated water discharge into Bohena Creek siting a faulty Reverse Osmosis Membrane as the problem.
Funny, it takes a public outcry for this Industry to do the right thing. Pity it was months after the membrane failure.
Still if you have the ear of the NSW Government you can get away with anything, even Pollution of the States Waterways.
Was this reported to the DII, as it should have been?
How long has this POLUTION event been happening? and where is the Government Watch Dog on all this?

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