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Some Examples Of How Eastern Star Gas Views Community Consltation

For those of you who saw Landline on the ABC either Sunday (2-5-10) or Monday (3-5-10), you would have heard about Origin Energy and that companies approach to local consultation. That company like so many Gas Energy companies feels that the best way to win over the local population is to sponsor events in […]

Questions about Mollee Creek Spill Clean Up

When Eastern Star Gas cleaned up the ”LIMITED VOLUME OF WASTE WATER” which would have soaked into the DRY creek bed of MOLLEE Creek. Where did Eastern Star Gas put this earth which contains the Potassium chloride, salt, bentonite clays, food industry grade drilling polymers? Did Eastern Star Gas store it in drums? as they […]

Drilling Fluid Spill 24-2-10

Prime Television News at 6.10pm Thursday 25-2-10 anounced that Easter Star Gas thru a Contractor had a Drilling Fluid Spill the day before Wednesday 24-2-10 at a location called MOLLY CREEK which is near to the WETLANDS YARRIE LAKE approx. 25km west of Narrabri. Whilst this spill present no danger to this area but […]

Fair Water Use (Australia)

Media Release

Fair Water Use (Australia)

15th February 2010

Shame on you SANTOS: The unacceptable risks of coal seam gas mining

Environmental and public water-rights advocate, Fair Water Use, has received a report vindicating widespread public concerns about the activities of the mining sector in the Murray-Darling Basin. Its contents refute assurances from the industry […]

Bathurst Burr: There are 26,000 drill holes polluting the Murray and Darling rivers

Contaminated water escaping into the East Pilliga State Forest. This water linked up with water from the overflow at Dewhurst 17H. Water from here runs into Jacks Creek and ultimately into the Namoi Catchment which feeds into the Murray?Darling Basin. Note also that this site is unfenced – only steel posts with one very […]