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Pilliga Discharge – Someone is not telling the truth.

February 26th 2012.

Santos is not telling the truth when it said to me via a Santos Department Head “that water samples at the Bibblewindi Treatment Facility spill area could not be taken because there was no water available”and this was said in front of 2 witnesses to me on February 22-2-12 just after […]

Pilliga Spill – No Water Test

February 2012

Santos releases its own Soil Analysis of the Spill at the Bibblewindi Water Treatment Works. The samples were taken over 3 days in January (13th, 14th, and 15th) 2012, and not handed over to the Analysing lab. until February 9th 2012.

Water Samples were not taken because, Quote “There was no water available” […]

Santos Dams Eastern Star Gas

February 22nd 2012

Santos releases a damming report into the culture of the Devil-may-Care attitude of Eastern Star Gas to the requirements of the Petroleum Exploration onshore Act.

Will Eastern Star Gas reply to this report?

Stay tuned folks there is more yet.


Statute of Limitations

February 2012

Information received from NSW Government Officials states :“there is a Statute of Limitations on prosecutions for offences carried out under the Petroleum Onshore act of 1991, and any offence committed prior to 2009 cannot be prosecuted, but goes only to show a Companies chronological record of non compliance”.

You really have to […]

Discharges of 2011, How they Kill.

The discharges of Coal Seam water in 2011 killed the vegetation not only by the saline effect, from which the vegetation will eventually recover, but from the so called harmless Sodium Bi-Carbonate (Baking Soda) which is the largest single salt found in the Coal Seam Water and ALKALINE by nature.

How does the Sodium Bi-Carbonate […]

Water Testing – Is Santos pulling a swifty?

Recently I approached Santos with a request to take water samples of my stock and domestic bore, for testing and logging of condition.

I have 3 Pilot Production Well sets and one Production Core Hole and all associated infrastructure, including Drill ponds and CS Water Storage Dams 2000 meters away from my house and […]

The Namoi Water Study is Based on Flawed Information

The Namoi Water Study, if it was not so serious it would be indeed a great Comedy.

Since September of 2011, I have been reading the Namoi Water Study and the only conclusion I can come up with is that this study was set to give a verdict that would favour the Gas and […]

More Locations of Black Tar Stain Located

In reports to the NSW Department of Trade and Investment (DTII or the old DII or the older DPI) made on the 16th. January 2012 and the 22nd. January 2012, were locations of more “black tar-like stains” associated with what looks like spilt a petroleum product as the soil around these stains has an oily […]

CS Water lies

Located, thanks to comments on the radio by Santos, more lies and deception from the Coal Seam Gas Industry.

The Water Analysis of the Coal Seam Water as printed on page 17 in the Eastern Star Gas REF of December 2006, and supposedly read and checked by NSW Government Officials for incorrect truths, has a […]

30-12-11 Discharge Into Pilliga State Forest

On Friday the 30-12-11 adjacent to the Bibblewindi Coal Seam Water Treatment and Coal Seam Gas Gathering Complex in the Pilliga East State Forest, Dead and Dying Trees along with large areas of totally dead grass were observed, filmed and photographed.

The fluid flow trail had the appearance of a large fast discharge about it […]