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CSG and Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria

Sulphate-reducing Bacteria cell

Bacteria the Hidden Danger of CSG (below are just some of those dangers and what some of those effected and studying these bacteria have to say):

Coal Seam Gas water harbours dangers that few fully understand, but the CSG Companies, Drilling Companies and the NSW and Australian Federal Governments […]

Pilliga Well Pad Soil Dumped at Wilga Park

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A growing mound of well pad soil contaminated with every chemical used to drill the wells, to […]

Pilliga Forest and all Waters Poisoned by CSG

After taking and looking at a cross section of Water and Soil samples taken from across the area that Eastern Star Gas/Santos have been actively operating in, there is a proven trail of complete and utter wilful dumping of CS (coal seam) Water in the area., which has and will continue to pollute and destroy […]

Santos is now repairing Dam Liners

Seen on the 12-5-12 on the wall of the No.3 Dam at the Bibblewindi Water Treatment and Gas Gathering Facility, a Membrane Repair Company. What is wrong Santos? Do your Dam Liners leak because they have holes in them? Are they leaking CS water heavily polluted with the Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria bought up from the Coal […]

Santos’ explination of the Tree Kill at Bibblewindi stinks of a Cover-Up

Over the course of the next week I will be presenting facts, figures, actual Government and Santos Documents willl go to show that the material Santos provided as an explanation as to when the second of the discharges which caused an extended area ofTree die back/Kill occured, and how Santos tried to blame all the […]

Santos treats Safety as a Game and a Joke

Santos installed Safety Life-buoys at all of its Dams. The only thing wrong is that Santos has made Safety into a game of Quoits. Have a good look at the Life-buoys,see anything wrong? That’s right NO SAFETY LINES. These Life-buoys, as they are, are a one shot, hit or miss non-retrieval item, and we have […]

Sloppy Workmanship and Poor Supervision

Sloppy workmanship and poor supervision, led to the locating of the smoking gun that when added to photographs and the facts, many provided by Santos themselves, indicate that the Kill at the Bibblewindi Water Treatment Facility did not occur in June 2011, but occurred in December of 2011, and on the watch of Santos. But […]

Dewhurst 8 the site of Red Dams

Dewhurst 8, a Pilot Production Gas Facility developed under the Exploration Licence PEL238 for Eastern Star Gas/Santos on private property next door to me and right next door to the Pilliga East State Forest, is the only place in the current area of Exploration in PEL238, where the water contained in the dams on site […]

CSG Drill sites promote Algae

Monday 23rd April, a wet day here in the Pilliga State Forest, will go down as a day that Santos and the CSG industry will long regret, for it is this day that proof positive was found that the Chemicals and CS Water combine to produce a GREEN ALGAE BLOOM in waters that come […]

Some Plants and Fish of the Pilliga Forest

Up until February 2012 the Coal Seam Gas Companies operating in the Pilliga State Forest of Northern NSW, denied the existence or at best conveniently omitted the truth from their Review Of Environmental Factors submitted to the NSW Government, that fish had manage to survive in a water system that is largely ephemeral. Also […]