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Water Analysis of Drilling Fluids

Water analysis of drilling fluids

There are two analysis to look at,one from Eastern Star Gas and one from Santos.

  The Eastern Star Gas analysis can be found buy clicking ”here” below, while the full document can be found on the NSW DPI website under “”The Bohena Soal Seam Gas Project Review of Environmental Factors file/0014/119003/20061201-PEL238”, but you have to look for it as this website has a tendency to shift around like the stairs in a Harry Potter movie.

 Of the two analysis Eastern Stars is the closest to being correct, BUT I AN NOT REAL SURE THAT IT IS DRILLING FLUID, IT MAY BE AN ANALYSIS OF THE WATER PUMPED UP FROM THE COAL SEAM. Any way, this is the only analysis we have access to, and is bourne out in Mr D Casey’s very brief analysis in answer to my submission 77 to The Senate Inquiry into the Impact of Mining in the Murray Darling Basin of 2009.

The Santos Analysis, which is in a open document form, was submitted to Narrabri Shire Council in August 2009, and formed the basis of Santos’s argument for Narrabri Tip to take this contaminated fluid, in fact the tip 30000 ltr to put out a fire in the Waste Cell something it was not licenced to receive, and is still not. So what did DECC do about this serious breach of the DECC Licence : NOTHING except that it is working with Council so that Council can obtain a licence to take this fluid (I have letters to suport this).

 If you look at the analysis you will notice nothing really adds up, that is Cations and Anions are not close in total .

 Narrabri was very lucky that someone questioned Santos’s intentions, for if you read the August 2009 Council Meeting Agenda you will notice “”Disposal of Drilling Fluids at Narrabri Landfill(HC;PJK)[eng]C60/3806,the author actually supported the taking these Drilling Fluids. Luckly for Narrabri, Santos withdrew its application . That application is still being pursued, but this time as a General Revenue, and hence avoiding public scrunity. They are cunning like a fox aren’t they.

 Also, with the Santos Documents, was information sheets on Patassium chloride, Drilling Polymers and another part analysis , cover pages only.

 So Potassium Chloride  raised it’s ugly head then, but like so many before and so many since, and I suppose ,so many in the future, who have been told that these Drilling Aids are not only harmless but good for you because they are Food Additives some will believe the Company Spin Doctors; BUT THE TRUTH IS OUT – POTASSIUM CHLORIDE SHOULD NOT BE RELEASED INTO THE ENVIRONMENT ACCORDING TO THE MAKER (see data sheet in Articles).

Click here to view the analysis as done by Eastern star gas as a pdf.

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