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   ‘Sore’ really would like to thank Mr P Fox for his contribution to inspiring a fresh start to an otherwise dieing article season.

  Just how did Mr P Fox achieve this? Well simply,  ‘sore’ received a letter back in February on Eastern Star Gas paper and with a signature and title after “yours faithfully” at the end, requesting that the web site http://www.sore.net.aube shut down, due to ,in Mr P Fox’ eyes the web site contained False , Offensive and Defamatory statements.

 Mr PFox took exception to the fact that it was pointed out that there was an incorrect and misleading statement about the Water Treatment Facility at Willga Park. Mr P Fox took great pains to point out that Eastern Star Gas had indeed submitted a modified REF for this, and suggested that ‘sore’ contacts DI&I Maitland to obtain the facts. Well Mr Fox ‘sore’ did and guess what, the findings were startling.

 To start with: The REF was located by the DI&I staff and a link forwarded to me, along with an email apologizing for it not being on the Web site sooner, seems it got lost somewhere between the approver and the people that maintain the web site. Anyway it went up on Monday night  9th. May 2011, and I clicked on the link Tuesday at 1750 hrs .

 There it was just as the email said, PEL 238, but wait, under Notices of exploration 2010? I regularly visit that site and there was not this strange anomaly before, MAY in DECEMBER, now even the most sceptical would start to think,”something is not quiet right !” and they would be right.

  So I down loaded the REF to read, and shock- horror, here is the date that it was written, February 2010, and again the date when it was given its file number 20100505. Well I smelt a rat right there and then, someone is pulling the wool over the eyes of the general public, but who was it?

 That is when I went searching for phone records, and notes taken of the conversations, just to jot my memory, you understand. Well, not only did I find the record of my two (2) conversations with DI&I on August 25-8-2010 one at 1203 hrs. , and a return call from  at 1710hrs 25-8-2010. In the latter call reference was made to the fact that they were reviewing the modified document and that DI&I had sent it back to Eastern Star Gas for clarification about water testing and water flows. Now I see one, what about the other?

 We also talked about the trees that had been removed to make way for the Dams, that’s right Eastern Star Gas states on pages 6 and 21 that ” No existing native vegetation is likely to be impacted as a result of this proposal; the gathering network and water management facility with each be located on open cleared lands,fence lines or previously disturbed construction corridors” and ” As no vegetation will be cleared by the proposed installation process”., Well I can assure you that he became very interested when I said that there were trees cleared, he asked for a Formal Complaint, which was duly given.

 Mr P Fox , if that is not enough for you, how about this: On August 21-8-2010 I had a phone conversation with the Contractor building the Dams, and he told me that he was just starting to remove trees for the dam site, and that it was very wet and his dozer was going down to it;s belly plates> He also mentioned that the Dams would be in the trees and not near the road. He was critical of Eastern Star Gas for waiting so long to build dams and that he doubted if he could get his 50 tonne Scraper out to the site (later photos provided by Eastern Star Gas show the Scraper heavily bogged).

 There is also photos taken during a fly-over that show trees in the area that had to be removed in order to locate the dam, and of-course there is Google Earth, and an application for a Drilling Camp that show trees in the location of the dam.

 Now the last piece, video footage was shot of the area showing the gradual decline in the number of trees and the burning of them.

 So what can be done about all these breaches of the REF and the failure of the DI&I to supply the information at the correct time. NOTHING.

 ‘sore’ has now been prevented by the DI&I Maitland from reporting any breach or making requests for any unpublished material (on the DI&I web site)in real time, as all correspondence must now be in a letter form, that is mail not email AND AS POINTED OUT TODAY, ALL BREACHES MUST BE REPORTED AS SOON AS NOTICED SO THAT THE INVESTIGATION CAN START SOON AFTER THE ACTUAL INCIDENT and now ‘sore’ cannot do that.

 So where does this leave these breaches, ONLY ON THIS WEB SITE for the world to read, and no New South Wales Government action will ever be taken against this Company for any breach of their operating conditions.

  So much for keeping the Bastards Honest, as the Australian Democrats used to say.

 Once again Government Departments defend a Company that defies their own REF’s, and the Laws of the Land, not to mention the Laws of the Environment, both above and below ground.

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