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Some Plants and Fish of the Pilliga Forest

Up until February 2012 the Coal Seam Gas Companies operating in the Pilliga State Forest of Northern NSW, denied the existence or at best conveniently omitted the truth from their Review Of Environmental Factors submitted to the NSW Government, that fish had manage to survive in a water system that is largely ephemeral.
Also omitted was the so called common Carnivorous plant called Drosera Indica, which had managed to hold onto a small piece of ground. There is nothing common about this variety, it has a sweet smell and as such it is different to the common variety of Drosera Indica. It only grows in 3 places in the State of NSW Australia, near Bourke, near Narrabri and at the junction of the Murray and Darling rivers. Apparently the Aboriginals of Central Australia used this particular sweet smelling variety to ‘sweeten water’
The three fish species found so far, and I was not looking too hard, nor am I an expert in the matters of fish are : Spangled Perch (Australian Native) , Carp (Introduced) and the Mosquito Fish (Introduced).
While the Carp is a pest and Australian Native Species Killer, it is the interaction between the Mosquito Fish and the Perch that is of interest. You see the Perch are living off the Mosquito Fish, hence they are useful to the survival of the Australian Native.
This combination (Spangled Perch and Mosquito Fish) have been located in many environments through-out the area of  CSG operation in the Pilliga State Forest.

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