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Some Examples Of How Eastern Star Gas Views Community Consltation

  For those of you who saw Landline on the ABC either Sunday (2-5-10) or Monday (3-5-10), you would have heard about Origin Energy and that companies approach to local consultation. That company like so many Gas Energy companies feels that the best way to win over the local population is to sponsor events in the local major town , preferably where the Local Council has its Chamber, and to sponsor that towns sporting teams.

 Did not the Romans do this. Was not this method of winning over the locals, a way of seducing the ill informed into believing that those in a position of strength were looking after their welfare, and did not these events become more bloody before their real meaning was uncovered. In other words : UNTIL THE ENTIRE POPULATION WOKE UP TO THE REAL TRUTH, AND WHEN THEY DID ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

 There is no Legal problem with that, except that in the main, these Energy Companies don’t talk to those whose lives and livelyhoods are really affected by their operations. One such company is Eastern Star Gas, which operates in various PELS in New South Wales and is especially active around Narrabri in PEL238. This Company is quite proud of its consultation record; let me quote a few examples:

Mr David Casey, Managing Director Eastern Star Gas: in a letter to Dr Ian Holland Committee Secretary Standing Committee on Environment, Communications and the Arts, dated 14-10-2009.

   “Eastern Star Gas also takes exception to suggestions that it has a ‘cavalier attitude to the local poeople’. On the contrary, Eastern Star Gas aspires to maintain close working relations with all stakeholders, and especially the Narrabri community. A single and simple public example of this is Eastern Star’s sponsorship of the annual Nosh on the Namoi regional cultural event, at which the company’s senior management have voluntarily manned a stand to raise money the proceeds of which have been donated to Riding for the Disabled. While there are other examples, it is not in the company’s philosophy to publicise them as a substitute for real engagement with the local community.

 Planning is now underway’ and agreements have been reached with affected parties, for establishment of a pilot production project on private land in the Dewhurst area. Well in advance of this development,  the company has provided all landholders in the Dewhurst area with a fact sheet explaining what takes place and detailing what roads will be used to move equipment to and from site. Personal contact has subsequently been made with landholders.”

   SORE has it on 100% reliable authority that such a ‘fact sheet’ was sent out. ON AUGUST 31 2009 and the REF for Dewhurst8 was drafted February 2009, lets see, that was SIX months before the ‘fact sheet’ was sent out . No lets be fair to this company Dewhurst was rewritten as 2009 Narrabri Coal Seam Gas Program in June 2009, still 3 months before the ‘fact sheet’ was sent out.

  And,yes Mr T Donnan of ESG was contacted by just 2 affected landholders, SORE’s contact back to ESG occured 1645hrs 3-9-09 and Mr T Donnan of ESG rang back 17-9-09. 

  No community consultation was possible, because only 2 people responded to his ‘fact sheet’, and hence ESG was not interested in the concerns of those who may want to know about the many ways Gas Energy companies may affect their lives.

  How about the illegal erection and occupation of a Drillers Camp on Private Land a full 3 months before the Local Council knew about it? 

 So from the above example the reader who watched Landline can see that the attitude that these Gas Energy companies is not isolated it is systematic within the Gas Energy industary 

  SORE has many examples of ESG saying to whom the consult when it comes to Community Consultation. These range from section 4 Issue Identification and Prioritisation in Their application for Part 3A Project Application 07_0023 ( as found on Dept Of Planning website), thru their various REF’s (as published on the DOI website), thru to various ‘talks’ given by their ‘spindoctors’, and onto the “fact sheet’.

  Mr John Anderson, the Chairman of Eastern Star Gas, on April 20 th 2010, informed me that he had read SORE’s web site and bloggs, and that all the bloggs were based on false information. Well Mr J Anderson do you want to dispute the above claim? Yours was made under Parliamentary Privilege, now do you want to admit that Mr Casey and Eastern Star Gas mislead Parliament.


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