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 and it is all over $26,654.67 ment for Westport Road repair, damaged in 2008 late/2009 early.

Over the past 22 months, culminating in the last Council meeting (June 21st. 2011), the full extent of how Eastern Star Gas has been exposed to the possible tag of Corrupt Influence has slowly come to light, and all revolves around the damage done to Westport Road, belated and greatly reduced payment (down from the $450.000 in Council estimates to the final paid amount of $124.487.00).

This all started, as indicated above (and is the matter of an earlier article), when Eastern Star Gas erected and occupied an illegal Drillers Camp on private Land. Damaging Westport Road in the process of carting gravel to build the pad from the Quarry on Westport Road, then using Westport Road the erect and supply the Camp, and all this without Narrabri Council permission.

So what about the money? Well, after 12 months of requesting information from Narrabri Council, with the last 3 using a GIPA request, and I might add not getting a straight answer, to a straight question, that is until at the Council Meeting of 19th. April 2011, when after some pressure from the floor, Council Staff admitted an amount the Eastern Star Gas had paid, but not what had been done with it. That came in an e-mail to Councillors on Friday 22nd April 2011, and to me 25 May 2011 at 12:30 PM. One month later.

The e-mail stated simply:        Amount received from ESG                                           $124,487.00

                                                          Cost of Roadwork’s undertaken in March 2010         $97,832.67 

                                                         The balance was absorbed into the general fund.

That amount should have been spent on Westport Road for the entire length, not as it turned out, only half, and then Council pocketing (I say Ripped-Off)  $26,654.33.

I spoke to Council at the June 2011 meeting and Eastern Star Gas had two Managers (one Senior and one Junior) in the Gallery, they would have heard what I said. But I doubt that they will do anything, (because as was quoted to me in writing in March/April of 2011 by both Council and Eastern Star Gas), that Eastern Star Gas and the Council have an arrangement and that Council has got money  in reserve to pay for any damage that may be caused by Eastern Star Gas using Council Roads. This arrangement is contrary to what Eastern Star Gas had told the DII and Local land owners, about what roads it was going to use in the course of Exploration as covered in their REF’s, their Exploration Licence (see earlier Article for a copy), and the Director Generals Requirements under the Part 3A of 2008.

So now I know where that money has come from.

Eastern Star Gas would have known also, they use the road, and hence would have seen only half was repaired, and now they know officially, not only from my Council address, but from one of their Adviser’s, who was also informed on Wednesday 22nd June 2011.

So is it so unreasonable, given the difficulty and the length of time to obtain an answer, and given that both sides have said that Narrabri Ciouncil has some money for future road repair : To say that there might be some hanky-panky going on.

Eastern Star Gas, you need to come clean about your Knowledge and involvement in this sad affair that is the Westport Road Repair. How much did your Board or Directors know (after all the Boss must be informed at all times as to what is happening) ?

Eastern Star Gas, not to do anything only casts doubt on your honour. 

You, must do something and that includes a full, open to the Public explanation of what “deals” were done and how long ago you made them, and what you have told Narrabri Council to do with your money,SPEND IT WHERE IT WAS MENT or REQUEST A REFUND after all it is Share Holders Money, is it not ?

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