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Eastern Star Gas announced on Monday 18th. July 2011, that it was selling out to Santos. Santos is a very foolish and badly informed Company if it thinks they got a bargain. Eastern Star Gas was on the ropes, not only on the Financial side (because it had not signed any contracts, therefore had no assured future or money to go ahead with the NarrabriProject). You must have rocks in your head to pay 90 cents per share for a company that was about to become a pariah, a full social out-cast, all as a result of being exposed as the dirty polluting and environment destroying company that it is.

John Anderson was not appointed to the Board of Eastern Star Gas because of his good looks, but because he had contacts with-in political circles, and these could be exploited to full advantage if and when required, and at times they were, take the case of Kevin Humpheries trying to push the case of ESG to Labour Government Leadership in late 2010. John Anderson was even sent to Japan to sign MoU’s, all because Eastern Star Gas needed a Public Figure to exploit.

Santos, do you remember your Investor Information pages of late 2009?, well I do because I have a copy. Do you remember what the well locations were for the Dewhurst 8 complex?(for those not fortune enough to be in on this, the location stated was THE SURAT BASIN, a basin some  40 km away) and do you recall the arguments that you used to defend this Investor information? Do you recall who gave you told me gave you that information? 

Yes, comming back to you know, your old partner EASTERN STAR GAS , and you trust these people?

How about the proven facts that Eastern Star Gas has a non-existent policy of  Maintenance and Environmental protection, that goes back 10 years?

Are you willing to have your own Indonesia right here in the Piliga State Forest of  Northern NSW, Australia?

Santos, I will tell you this much of what you have gotten into, No better still, If you are willing I will share with you what I know about the abuses of the Company that you are so willing to rush in and take over. But this is a time limited offer, after that, it will be game on, because you will have inhereted  the Poison Chalice of Eastern Star Gas and its Board.

Santos, surely you are not as silly as to accept and cover for Eastern Star Gas’ broken promises made to the old and new NSW State Governments re obligations of petroleum Licence No. 238, Part 3A  and other matters.

Eastern Star Gas, sure sold you a ‘pup’ and a very bad one at that, or was it that you were scared that Eastern Star Gas would sell out to Overseas Interests?

What ever reason it was, you have made a very bad investment into a very poor and difficult future.

Santos, I thought you had more sense . Still we all can make mistakes and all that matters is that we correct them before the damage becomes to great.

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