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Eastern Star Gas leaves its mark on a Senate Inquiry

Where do I start? This one is hard but I guess that events in the latter part of 2011 around August is as good a place as any.

August was a month full of interesting happenings, there was the Senate Inquiry into the effects of the coal seam gas industry on the Murray Darling Basin, the Namoi Catchment Water Study Independent Expert Phase 2 Report was released, an Independent water analysis was taken on the water that ESG was discharging into Bohena Creek and we had all settled down after Eastern Star Gas announced that Santos was to take them over later in the year.

 Yes August 2011 was interesting, but it is the Senate inquiry that is the subject of this piece.

At the Senate Inquiry held at Narrabri on Tuesday 2nd of August 2011, Senator Waters asked Eastern Star Gas to provide to the inquiry a copy of the Analysis of the water that Eastern Star Gas was discharging into Bohena Creek, of course ESG did not have it on hand and said they would take the question on notice and provide the Analysis in due course. Well true to their word they did. Not only on report but two, one dated 17-06-11 with a certificate number 146094 the other dated 20-07-11 with a certificate number of 149517 and both with the client details of Shane Rily Eastern Star Gas 300 Yarrie Lake Road Narrabri NSW 2390, and BOTH MEANINGLESS , and I will say just straight out misleading.

Forget about the Analysis dated 17-06-11 not only is it missing one page from the official Senate Inquiry records, but the Electrical Conductivity(after conversion from mS/cm to uS/cm) and the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) do not cross reference, the Sum of the Anions and the Sum of the Cations are so far apart as to indicate one is on the Earth the other on the Moon (3.8 meq/L) and there is no-way the individual Dissolved Salts will ever tally the 232 Total Disolved Solids as claimed. So that report was purely put in to test the ability of the Committee to read the Analysis and ALL failed dismally. (The old saying about brains and Bs sure rang true there).

Bet ESG had lots of laughs in the Board room that night, why Mr Peter Fox may have even got a performance bonus as a result.

 The Analysis of 20-07-11 was really well done,while the date of sampling may be questionable because there is a good chance that the RO plant was still down for repairs and replacement, the two pages as presented, at first and second  glance  looked OK, however there was a flaw that if one looked at them carefully would have aroused suspicion about the accuracy of the Analysis, and we will get to it later: but first, looking at the Electrical Conductivity and the TDS, they were reasonably close (when the EC in mS/cm was converted to uS/cm), the Sum of the Anions and the Sum of the Cations were as close as the front wheel and back wheel of a small motor cycle (only 0.3 meq/L separated them) and hence that made the Analysis reasonably creditable and most people would have stopped there, however the Alkalinity (pH) was high at 8.16 and hence the water was alkali, something that ESG said would never happen. So a closer look was called for and bingo the main individual dissolved salts, being Sodium (75.1 ppm) and the Alkalinity Salt (HCO3) or Sodium-bicarbonate (135 ppm) when added together give a TDS of 210.5, not the TDS of 157 ppm, that was quoted in the Analysis.

 Bet the laughter was louder when they got away with that deception of many of Australia’s Federal Politicians from all sides of the political fence and who knows even State and Local politicians as well, right Mr Hartcher.

Now to put another layer on this deception, in both the analysis Eastern Star Gas again showed how they had fooled the 2009 Senate Inquiry into the effects of Mining on the Murray Darling Basin submission 77r to be precise where they claimed that there were no heavy metals in there water, well in the water Analysis of 20-07-11 the following were named; Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Chromium, Mercury and Lead if these not heavy metals, what are they? and where did they come from? surely not from your Reverse Osmosis plant.

 Eastern Star Gas sure made fools of our politicans and got away with the cash, setting a big precident, encouraging the rest of the Coal Seam Gas Industry to follow.

Santos has a moral obligation to amend this misleading and deceptive information, but they won’t because the Politicians involved at all levels and in all parties, are so embarrased by being fooled by this Company, that they will never be able to bring themselves to really look at the Coal Seam Gas industry in a true and honest light without exposing themselvesto criticism.

As was quoted by a GM in the CSG Industry ” It is easier to believe a simple lie than the complex truth” and does that statement really sum up this and other actions of the Company known once as Eastern Star Gas, and other Companies in the Coal Seam Gas Industry?

Mr Shane Rily and Symbio Alliance did you know what was in these Analysis Reports? and if tou did. did you try to correct the erors?

Santos another part of your Indonesia in the Pilliga.

Stay tuned for more in the saga of ESG Deception Legacy.

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