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Eastern Star Gas has a PR Nightmare

When is the NSW Government going to wake-up to itself and block the sale of Eastern Star Gas until such time as this Company fully and unreservedly repaired all the Environmental damage that they have caused over the past 11 years?

That will never happen unfortunately because all levels of Governments knowwhat Eastern Star Gas was doing to the Environment and to the Coal Seam Gas Industry in general over many years but have turned a blind eye. However, eventually Eastern Star Gas went too far so the Governments stepped in and asked the lesser of the two devils, Santos to take over. How do I know all this? Santos Senior personnel that is how.

Eastern Star Gas spokesperson Mr Peter Fox made a very big mistake when he made a statement to Prime 7 news in the month of August, when in answer to a report that Eastern Star Gas had caused major Environmental damage at two sites in the Pilliga State Forest in the north west of NSW in their PEL238, Mr Peter Fox claimed that it was caused in 2001 by a previous operator, and that ESG was working with the NSW Government to carry out rehabilitation. These two sites are called Bohena 2 and Bohena 7.

No rehabilation has been carried out at either site, by Eastern Star Gas, and I suspect never will, after all the Exploration Licence security deposite of $868,000 held over in case of environmental damage will not go far, and that could have already been spent. Governments are so stupid when it comes to fixing costs, so many are vastly inadequate that the smart companies just rape and plunder knowing that all they have to loose is peanuts. 

I will deal with Bohena 7 first. Mr Peter Fox you are a master of the deliberate b–l, you really know how to spread it, however the proof of your deceit has been uncovered by the complete download of Eastern Star Gas’ ASX site, and boy, what has been uncovered is enough to show the multi untruths put out by this Company. Bohena 7 was put into production by Eastern Star Gas in 2005 and there are numerous reports on the ASX web site to that effect, as an example ” CBM Test Production Wells Increased to Six”, dated 12th. May, 2005. Quote:Bohena 7: the well has been placed back into production“.

So, Mr Peter Fox, Eastern Star Gas is responsible for the unlined sump on the northern side of the well, and Eastern Star Gas is responsible for the leaching of the saline water and chemicals into the water table which has killed the Forest on the down slope of the sump and will continue to do so for many decades to come.

As for Bohena 2 and again your denial in the same statement on the same News program. If neither of  the two (2) wells on the Bohena 2 site are not Eastern Star Gas’ responsiblity then why is a photograph of a well under test in a publication put out by The Department of Mineral Resources, and still publically available (I have 2 copies), with the following caption ” Gas flare- Bohena 2 production test in the Gunnedah Basin (courtesy Eastern Star Gas)”?  Then there is the recorded and witnessed event in August 2011, when the Make-over Rig was caught removing the coal seam de-watering pump and the replacement of the well head with another. Then in early October 2011 the same Make-over rig was moved to the Bohena 2 site and the other well was filled with cement, cut off below ground and then abandoned.

So, given that Eastern Star Gas has carried out major works to the two (2) coal seam gas wells on the Bohena 2 pad, does it not  prove beyond any doubt that Eastern Star Gas has assumed total responsibility for the complete well site and associated works and also for the very large, and growing Environmental kill down slope of the Drill site and sumps. Unfortunately, Eastern Star Gas has by their actions in re-working the site, contributed greatly to the initial environmental leaching into the water table, by allowing the saline coal seam water of the two recent operations, to cover the site and to be able to leach out of the lined ponds by using household grade plastic liners which have torn under the weight of the cement overflow, and water.

Soi why won’t Eastern Star Gas fix the Forest kill at both sites. Eastern Star Gas, and especially Mr Peter Fox knows, along withthe NSW Government, as do I, of a lot more sites (approx 100) where Eastern Star Gas has created an Environmental time bomb, that each time it rains ticks a little louder. 

Mr Peter Fox, you have been hoisted on your own petard, and you have undoubtedly been following orders from higher up so they are also shown for what they are, and the standard of the truth put out by Eastern Star Gas is really under question.



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