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Eastern Star Gas and the Environment

Bibblewindi 22. salt and drill cuttings outside of pad area

Bibblewindi 22 unlined pond
Dirt removed from unlinded pond at Bibblewindi 16 showing introduced salts
Unlined pond at Bibblewindi 16
Tree kill behind Bohena 2

Bohena 7. tree kill and unlined drill pond

  Eastern Star Gas appears to have the attitude that “If the Government Departments responsible for checking and policing the possible Environmental Effects of their operation, do not pick-up that the operation may have a bad environmental outcome and sign off on the proposed program then it is alright to do that part of the operation that way because they have permission to do so”.

This can be borne out in the announcement of Mr P Fox when he continuely reminds us that Eastern Star Gas takes its Environmental Responsibilities seriously.

I wonder, if what has been uncovered of late is just a figment of my imagination, a quirk of the camera lens or, as it really is Eastern Star Gas sticking its nose in the air at Authority and the respect of others.

I suppose the unlined ponds located at Bibblewindi 16 and 22 are not leaching their salty contents into the surrounding water tables, and how about the dirt heaps that are at these sites, I suppose the salt photographed in the heaps and leaching from these heaps to areas outside the fences is again a figment of my imagination, and a trick of the camera.

What about the unlined third pond that was located and filmed at the latest Core hole to be put down in the Pilliga Forest, Dewhurst 19, is that too a mirage?

What about the Coal Seam Water that laid all over the pad at Bibblewindi 21H, while the TDC Rig crew put down and tested a submersible in that well. At least there was an attempt, during the week from 1 to 5-8-2011 to clean it up. By the way where did Eastern Star Gas take the Salt encrusted Dirt?

What about that Auto Venting low level drain located on the western side of Bohena Creek and attached to the Bibblewindi West flow lines. I suppose that when it operates that the salts and tars do not go onto the ground, and that again my camera and those of so many others is Lying?

Then there is all those core holes Dewhurst 2, 3 ,5, Bibblewindi 10, to name a few that were unlined and left that way for years until in an effort to what had been found Eastern Star Gas filed them in.

Eastern Star Gas you can never honestly say that you have taken your Environmental Responsibilities seriously, and I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Why even Eastern Star Gas’ own work force has informed me of the Companies record, with remarks like “we are cleaning up and about time”, “everything was rushed to get it all going and now we are tiding up and burying the pipework”, or how about “many people are leaving because Santos has a much stronger and more ridgid Work Place requirement, with regards to work place and Gas Field Safety”, “Santos has too much red tape” 

Here are just a few examples of the Environmental damage(the photos were last taken 6-8-11) that has been found in the Pilliga State Forest. These examples have a time span from 2000 to 2010, and Eastern Star Gas, through takeovers is responsiable to repair that damage, but as can be seen nothing has been done.

I could go into the Early Bohena series Bohena 2, 3, 4 & 4L, 7, and undoubtedly many others where the effects of your Drilling has effected the Water Table and Killed the surrounding Forest, and still is. Eastern Star Gas you have been cunning in so many ways, even to the extent of putting your kills deep into the Forest.

Eastern Star Gas has never taken the Environment Seriously. and never will unless they are forced  and that will never happen, Governments are too gutless to properly enforce the rules on Big Business, the small man yes, but big Business NO.


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