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Did Eastern Star Gas Gain advantage from an Illegal Section 355 Committee ?

 At the June 21st 2011 Narrabri Council Meeting, it was revealed by a Senior Council Staff member, that the Collins Park Lighting Committee was an illegal Committee under the laws that govern such Committee’s.

What was the problem that occurred ? Nothing much, except that the Collins Park Lighting Committee was an Incorporated Body and Incorporated Bodies cannot become Section 355 Committee’s.

The question now is :  Who knew that this Committee was Illegal? A quick check by ‘sore’ has revieled some menbers of the pre. and post Committee knew that an Incorporated Committee could not become a Narrabri Council Section 355 Committee.

This Committee, when in the 355 committee state accepted a large amount of money from Eastern Star Gas as a Donation towards the Lighting of the Sporting Oval, this money was raised at the “Nosh on the Namoi” event with a bit thrown in from Eastern Star Gas.

The money was give to the Committee with great fan-fair at the Dinner after the “Nosh”, and was well reported in the local press.

In February 2011, Eastern Star Gas was rewarded for this generous donation by having a light pole covered in an Advertisement for this Company, no one else got this honour, just Eastern Star Gas,not the small child that gave his pocket money, just a big organisation that has often said that it wants no recognition for its good works within the Local Community.  

In March ‘sore’ questioned the Narrabri Council about whether a Development Application for such an Advertising sign was submitted. The answer when it came, was that as the Collins Park Lighting Committee was a Council Section 355 Committee with the same powers as a full Council, and that Council fully endorses the approval of the Advertising Sign.

A GIPA request obtained the Minutes of the Collins Park Lighting Committee, and they revealed no such approval was sought or given.  

 What is going to happen now that this Narrabri Section 355 Committee was and is illegal ?

 Does the Council intend to enforce its policy re the putting up of unapproved signage or will Council bow to the pressure of Eastern Star Gas and leave it up?

 Still I suspect that Eastern Star Gas will never do the right thing and obey, fully, the Laws of the Land.

 Will Eastern Star Gas insist that the Illegal Advertising, comes down, at least until a Development Application can be approved for such a sign?

Hence Eastern Star Gas is gaining advantage from an Illegal Act .

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