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An Access Agreement With Eastern Star Gas

In August of 2008 Eastern Star Gas signed a Notice Of Intended Entry with a local landowner,a Mr D McFarlane and his wife for the purpose of erecting a Drillers Camp(this is subject of a later article), in this Notice Of Intended Entry or Access Agreement, both parties made conditions these conditions along with printed statements will be the content of this article.

Eastern Star Gas makes a very bold claim and one which that Company is truly measured by, and that statement is, and I quote from that Notice;


The name of the signing officer from Eastern Star Gas is not clear, however his signature is, but all enquiries or complaints regarding entry onto the land should be made by telephone or facsimile to David Casey (Managing Director) Eastern Star Gas Ltd.

The Access Agreement the goes on to lay out Eastern Star Gas’s duties, and these are as follows:

Eastern Star shall:

a)    Not interfere with any improvements on the land without permission of the owner.

b)   Leave all gates and improvements in the state in which they are found.

c) Take all precautions to reduce the risk of fire on the land.

d) Remove all equipment and restore disturbed areas to a suitable state at the completion of operations.

e) Plug any abandoned well to industry standards.

f) Provide suitable security to the area of operations to ensure no damage or injury can occur to people, live stock or the environment.

g) Observe any additional requirements as stated in this agreement.

Eastern Star goes on to say,that while every effort will be made to avoid any damage, should it occur, then the claim for compensation must be tendered within 90 days of the completion of field operations.

Mr D McFarlane, the land owner,then laid down his terms,these being:

Access installed from Bibblewindi Creek Rd.

Gates installed on western boundary fence at agreed location.

Fencing and gate installation to be conducted under the supervision of Don McFarlane.

Camp situated within cleared area to maintain vehicular access along all existing fence lines.

Site prep to be supervised by Don McFarlane.

Camp Rules:

No Dogs at any time

No firearms or weapons of any description to be stored or used on site

Compensation for the operation of the camp on this land for 12month period from the date below will comprise 1 x cased and gravel packed water bore and all fencing and gate installation. A further clause was inserted that gave Don McFarlane the right to negotiate, should the camp remain longer than 12 months and it did ,4 extra months to be exact.

There was also a clause included that covered the landholder should there be any change in ownership or operator-ship within the agreement period.

I bring up this agreement, because it contains many stated facts, that will be referred to in soon to be printed articles in which both the above mentioned parties tried to avoid penalty from the local Council for breaching The Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979,as signed to by Narrabri Shire Council. and for other breaches of their operating and approval to operate Licences238, along with other breaches of good oil industry practice.

Take note of Eastern Star’s promise to abide by all laws and regulations, for this statement will return to haunt them time after time, especially if,as they say, they conduct themselves at all times in accordance with good oil industry practice. If Eastern Star Gas calls the way it acts good oil industry practice then what is bad oil industry practice?

This article was inspired by the following Eastern Star Gas personnel; Mr D Casey (Managing Director); Mr J Anderson (Chairman); Mr Tim Donnan. All of these gentlemen, has, in his own way  mislead the various Governments that they have dealt with, and I call upon all these people to step down from the positions they hold and to stop misleading the Australian people with regard to the activities of Eastern Star Gas Ltd.

Quoted source is the Notice of Intended Entry it’s self as signed 25-08-2008 and 26-08-2008.


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