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Some forms of mining along with the mining companies can be liked to a “sore” which occasionally erupts in a pussy and completely erroneous manner.  Take, for instance gas mining in the Narrabri Shire, and we will only bring a recent issue and that is events that occurred during the rain event of Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010.

SORE received word, photos and video tape of the well drilling tailing ponds being washed out by its ground water flowing as a result of the 11 inches of rain which fell in the gas well sites during the 9 day rain event.  Not only were the pits washed out once, but it occurred twice, and hence the contents of the drilling ponds was washed into the surrounding bush, creeks, rivers and these of course are part of the Murray-Darling not to mention into the recharge of our greatest resource, The Great Artesian Basin.

NSW DII at Maitland was contacted on January 7, 2010 and asked   if our local gas miner Eastern Start Gas had reported any incidents.  SORE was told that DII had indeed been informed that some of the well ponds had “leaked” but no specific details were given.  DII was also curious as to why they were only informed on Tuesday January 5, 2010 when clearly the “leaks” had occurred at least 7 days earlier, and the conditions of the licence to operate in PEL238 gave a reporting time of 48 hours. (Click here for photographs).

These “leaks” could have been prevented if Eastern Star Gas had implemented the direction given to them by the DII back in mid 2009.

SORE knows all this because SORE raised the issue of poor rainwater flow management both onto and off the sites.  This fault was first noticed and filmed in mid May 2009 and a copy sent to DII Maitland on 25 May 2009.  DII said it was informing Eastern Star Gas to carry out works to prevent rain water flows from entering the well ponds and any water that could or was displaced was to be held on site and not allowed to escape to the surrounding area.  Despite SORE’s pleas to the DII to ensure that the work was carried out.  The DII did not follow up and has there was no follow-up Eastern Star Gas did not carry out these works on any of their sites.

So what is the DII doing?  They have asked Eastern Star Gas to be specific in what incidents have occurred.  The DII will not send inspectors up to check for themselves, anyway if they did Eastern Star Gas will only take the inspectors to sites of Eastern Star Gas’ choosing, as they have done in the past.  The whole of Eastern Star Gas’ operations needs to be checked and this not only includes ALL its drill and core hole sites, but the gas gathering site at Bibblewindi and Dewhurst 8 as well as the 6 inch poly pipe crossing Boheena Creek and inlaid on the creek bed surface. This pipe carries contaminated water from sites west of Boheena Creek to the gas gathering site dam on the eastern side of the creek. Has it been damaged and leaked vast quantities of pollutants into the Bohena Creek system?

SORE’s biggest fear is as explained to Mr McFadden that nothing will be done – no fines, no penalties and no enquiries, such is the clout of these gas miners; but I do live in hope, no matter how slim, that the regulators will do the right thing and implement the laws.

SORE can back up all the above claims with video taken of many Eastern Star Gas well sites and production facilities, taken from May 2009 to the present day, which clearly shows Eastern Star Gas takes no notice of Authority nor does Eastern Star Gas care about the environment or the livelihood of others.

For as long as the web site SORE is in operation, the truth about gas mining and other industries that destroy the environment and the livelihood of those who live in the Murray Darling Basin Catchment for the Great Artesian Basin will be told.

SORE can monitor the gas mining in this region; others can monitor coal and other industries.  SORE will accept information on coal and other industries and will publish this on the web site if this information is proven to be factual, can be verified and space is available.  SORE wants actual events that have occurred in Australia.  Overseas activities are fine but they don’t carry weight with the Australian public unless the consequences are great.

SORE will mention names, places, businesses, dates and events.  If there is any doubt that what is published will damage the reputation of others by saying unproven things, that is slander and SORE will not publish.

SORE will only deal in facts, factual events or actual one on one conversations with any mentioned party.  SORE is a factual site. So politicians, government departments, company officers and their employees or contractors, councils and councillors, local press and other media outlets, be worried.  Change your game or you will are all fair game.  What you have read on this site today is only a small piece of what SORE has, and eventually the events of 2009 will all be published along with the events of 2010.

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